Shoreham Cricket Ground
Shoreham Road
TN14 7RP

Otford Cricket Ground
Otford Recreation Park
78 High St
TN14 5PH

Shoreham and Otford share two grounds. The Shoreham ground is surrounded by the Darenth Valley golf course. The access road to the ground comes out onto the A225 Otford to Shoreham Road, opposite Fackenden Lane.

Coming from Otford you take the first turn to the left after exiting the 30mph zone.

Coming from the direction of Shoreham the turning is on the right, about 500m beyond Shoreham station and the sign to Shoreham itself.

Beware golfers crossing as you come down the road!

The Otford ground can be found in the centre of Otford village at the recreation ground just off the High Street and next to the Otford village hall.